Ninja Team


Our Youth Team is for kids ages 7 and up who want to be challenged. Ninja is a year-round sport, with opportunities to compete throughout the year.

Practice is twice a week with the whole team together. Practice focuses on improving body control and coordination, strength and conditioning, and obstacle technique. The team also focuses on working together, being supportive, being creative, and above all having FUN while being active.

Team open gym is during adult open gym on Saturdays, so team ninjas have the chance to train with adult ninjas, including their parents! 

Each team member gets one individual training session with one of our expert coaches each month. Coaches go over whatever that individual needs, including competition readiness, strategy, how to keep it fun, or specific obstacle work.

The team goes to competitions at LF, at other gyms in Wisconsin, and in the Chicago area, with opportunities to travel across the country for finals and other big competitions. Kids on the team are not required to compete, though we do strongly encourage them to when they're ready, at least at our home competitions.

Several ninja leagues based in the Midwest and beyond have sprung up in the last few years, and many of the competitions the team goes to are part of those leagues, with opportunities for advancement to finals, big prizes, and seeing all kinds of cool gyms.

Team membership gets you:

  • Expert coaching every day

  • All the benefits of a kids membership

  • Two 90-minute practices per week

  • Team open gym with adult ninjas

  • One training session per month

  • Discounts on LF competitions

  • Discounts on parent/family memberships

  • All for $200/month

To see if your child is ready for Team, come on in to a Ninja Kids class or during Open Gym and chat with a coach.

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