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Balanced Living: Moderation in All Things

One of the central tenets of our philosophy at Legendary Fitness is balanced living. To me, that means finding the right balance of self-control, routine, indulgence, and spontaneity for my needs, my desires, and my goals. My success or failure at finding the right balance on any given day is a major factor in how I feel about my day, my life, and myself. The “right” balance is different for every person, and can vary from day to day. Some days we may feel the need for rigid structure, while other days we simply allow our desires of the moment to carry us forward. Some of us may thrive on spontaneity and flexibility all the time while others of us require more planning to feel secure. We can work on finding balance within the context of our whole life, our workouts, our eating, or any other specific aspect of our lives.

The first step toward balance is considering your own needs, desires, and goals. What do you spend the most time on? What are the most important things to you in your life? Are the answers to those two questions the same? How can you work toward your long-term goals on a daily basis? How do you work best, over the day, the week, the year? How much sleep do you need? What do you enjoy doing? What do you consider an indulgence? What do the people in your life need and want from you? Do you like to plan, or do you prefer to be more spontaneous? When do you thrive?

Take the answers to these questions and the questions they lead you to and learn about yourself. Reflect. Practice mindfulness in whatever form works for you, whether that is meditating, savoring every bite, noticing your breathing and your heart rate at rest and at work, or becoming more aware of your own emotions. Take what you learn and make changes. Try a new workout plan, or promise yourself an act of spontaneity per day. Repeat – learn and make changes, finding out if these little changes help you feel better.

Balanced living means remembering that rest days are just as important as work days when it comes to your workouts, and also knowing when to go hard and push for a new record. It means learning how to eat well without restricting yourself, enjoying what you eat and eating what you like. It means understanding what is most important to you, and prioritizing your health and well-being. It means moderation – in our workouts, our eating, our consumption of media, our work, our play. It also means knowing when we need to throw moderation out the window and have the indulgence of a big dessert, a day playing hooky, or an unscheduled rest day. Above all, it means listening to and understanding our minds and our bodies so we can live our best, most fulfilling lives.

How do you live a balanced life?

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