An obstacle course sounds like too much for me...  We know how intimidating going to a new gym can be, whether you've been out of the game a long time, exercise is something completely new for you, or you're just looking to change your routine. Our programs are designed to accommodate all levels.

All of our classes include detailed instructions and trainer feedback on each exercise, and we take special care to make sure every participant is doing each exercise the right way for their body and at the right level of difficulty.

If you'd like more one-on-one attention or you're still not sure if our classes are right for you, we also offer personal and small-group training for any level and any goals.

Do you have kids' programs? Yes! Click here!

Can I download your waiver?  Yes! Click here!

How much does it cost?  We have day passes available for $20 that are good for class or open gym for kids and adults, and lots of other pack and membership options. Your first class is free!

What's the minimum age for open gym and classes?  We have kids programs! Besides that, for Legendary Training and Ninja Training classes, our minimum age is 16, or 13 with close parental supervision, and all participants must sign a waiver and/or have one signed by a parent if under 18. See our schedule for minimum ages for open gym times.

Do I have to sign up ahead of time?  Yes! Our capacity is limited at this time so be sure to preregister for all classes and open gym.

Do I have to pay for a pass if I'm just watching?  Nope! We have a seating area where you can watch, or if you're a parent you are welcome to help your child through the obstacles.


What is functional fitness?  Functional exercises train our bodies to work better in natural ways, helping us to perform the activities of daily life more effectively and with lower chance of injury. Many of these exercises use only the body's weight as resistance, while others use equipment that requires effective use of stabilizing muscles.


What is obstacle course racing?  Obstacle course racing, or OCR, includes races that require participants to overcome all manner of physical and mental obstacles. Many of the races involve a lot of teamwork and a lot of mud. Some of the most well-known race series are Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and many others. Here in Wisconsin, most of these races happen in the summer, but there are a couple in the snow! For more, see our blog.


What is balanced living?  Balanced living is the simple concept of living a healthy life without deprivation, rigid rules, or proscribed schedules. For more, see our blog.